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  • Nick Luhring

A Day to Appreciate Teachers

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day everyone! As we reflect on those who have made a lasting impact on every person ever, we ask ourselves, "How can we give back? We understand how caring and patient these folks are, how can we truly pass across our deep feeling of gratitude?"

This year has seen teachers strike in four different states (Kentucky, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arizona). Why? Stagnating pay, loss of benefits, poor teaching conditions. To show our appreciation for teachers, we should begin by listening to their grievances and being honest about what we can should give to teachers in terms of salary and benefits. Luckily, a lot of data exists on the current situation state-by-state, and we can use this information to give feedback to different states about how well they treat their teachers, and even which teachers are more likely strike in the future given their tough situation.

Is your state on the list? They might have difficulty and need a small apple to make things better ;)


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