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  • Nick Luhring

The Power of Students

After the Parkland shooting, much attention was rightfully given to students who had a lot to say. After all, the nature of school shootings involves students the most! These shootings tend to be former or current students taking out their anger on classmates and teachers, with the majority of victims being the students themselves. Common sense gun reform to help reduce the number of fatalities is growing ever more popular on the grassroots level, with students organizing and helping to create better scenarios and more open debate.

The most recent news along these lines has been from the Baltimore City Pubic School system, in which this morning, a large group of students from various schools got together to walk out of their classes in protest. Their demands are point and specific: enact a "red flag law" that would make it possible for the judiciary to seize guns from individuals who are deemed a risk to themselves and others, and to enact legislation to reduce the amount of high-capacity gun magazines.

Given the students' ability to clearly state their demands, to clearly protest in a peaceful way (they have also developed a code of conduct for fellow protesters), and to follow through with their plans, there is a high likelihood that they will be received well.

Another issue, of course, is more mental health resources in schools, which will serve as a preventative measure against gun violence. This, as I have argued before, is one of the most important aspects of fighting off gun violence. As mental illness risks increase in the age of smart phones, it is ever more important to invest in the Social and Emotional health of our youth.


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