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  • Nick Luhring

The Safe Streets Redo

The Baltimore-based initiative to provide a safe place for community members to go to in times of conflict just got rotated a few degrees. Last week it was discovered that the program would have its state funding cut entirely from $1M down to zero. In a panic, advocates of the program rallied to the call of their fallen cause:

Then on Monday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that the initiative would indeed be fully funded, and then some. Just over $2M is to be appropriated to the program, taking the number of locations and neighborhoods it represents from 4 to 9. But there is a catch, the program will have to work with the Opiod Task Force to find ways to cut down the heroin use in the state, and its so far unclear whether the new locations will be in the most dangerous Baltimore neighborhoods or will be shipped off elsewhere.

The new program directive to help eradicate heroin is certainly a noble one, however, it could also mean stretching a fledgling project too thin, while limiting resources to its progenitor: Baltimore. Time will tell at this point. One thing is for sure, the program’s efficacy makes it a worthwhile investment.

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